meet the cleggs

Meet Papa Clegg


Mr. Clegg is a Capt. in the US Air Force and we’re stationed somewhere in the South. He’s a pilot and talks a lot of military gibberish that I don’t understand. He works very hard to support our family and hates having his picture on the internet, so a side profile pic will do. He enjoys long trips to Lowe’s and a clean garage. He hates dishes, hair on the shower wall, and when his wife asks him to turn the TV down. He’s outnumbered in our house and we can thank our most recent addition to the family, Maddie.

Meet Baby Clegg


Maddie Ray was born in August 2014 and is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She’s the worst napper but the best at giving kisses and getting what she wants. Her closet is bigger than her momma’s and the girl loves herself a nice pair of shoes. She hates green beans, formula, cold weather, and naps. She loves sweet potatoes, mum-mums, cameras, peek-a-boo, and her very best friend, Emily.

Meet Puppy Clegg


Keeping our backyard squirrel free since February 2013, meet our crazy dog, Emily Clegg. She loves swimming, bird chasing, toys that squeak, peanut butter, and her moms side of the bed. She hates the vacuum, the doorbell, men, some women, baths, early mornings, and water from the bowl next to her food. Yes, she won’t drink the water next to her food. We have another one on the other side of the kitchen. Don’t ask.

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