ask max


ask max

I’m no doctor. I’m no therapist. I’m no genius. I’m just a college graduate, retired news anchor, full-time mom, lover of pizza, now blogger who sometimes thinks she gives good advice. This “ask Max” idea came to me when I drank too much coffee while battling sleep regression with a newborn. I thought, “hey, let’s start a column of sorts” and then my other personality was like, “yeah, that’s a good idea.” So now I’m here. Taking your questions every week.

Everything is anonymous. You can use your real name or make one up, I will never know who sent it.

Sometimes it’ll be fun, sometimes it’ll be sad, and sometimes it’s going to be something you don’t agree with. And that’s A-OK. Motherhood, marriage, weightloss… ask me anything. Posts will published every Monday and Thursday.


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