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It happened really fast. I went from having a busy career in the news industry to not having a career at all. I went from wearing my favorite tailored suits to gray sweatpants with holes in them. I went from glamour to tired and I barely left the house. It was and still is an adjustment which is why I needed this blog. I needed a place to vent, to voice my opinions, to write down my thoughts that no one gets to hear all day besides a 5 month old and a dog. I’m sure every mom can relate, staying at home or in the work force. Motherhood is HARD. It’s WORK. It’s NEVER ENDING. But it’s also amazing and adventurous, because let’s be honest, we all have no idea what we’re doing. Which is why I’m here, to write it out. So why the breakfast title? Because it’s the best part of the day. It’s new. It’s fresh. There is coffee! and carbs! It’s when we can hit the refresh button and start over. It’s when our family is together and doing our most favorite thing: eating! We try our best to be healthy and organic but sometimes life needs something good. Something worth wanting more. Something you can’t compare. Bacon. And there you have it, Cleggs and Bacon is born.

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