Introducing: Maxine Films

“Maxine where are you?”

“Maxine did you quit blogging?”

“OMG Maxine we miss you so much please don’t go”

My email is FULL….. of nothing above, but wouldn’t that be nice? I do have 700 emails to go through but that’s a different problem for a different day. I have so much to catch you up on! Where do I begin? Oh I don’t know… maybe I should talk about how my daughter had her first real illness this weekend and I’d never seen, smelled, scooped up so many fluids in my life. YES “scooped up” is the correct term when you’re cleaning out this nice almost $300 car seat for the SECOND time in two days. Ugh… she’s better now, thank goodness, I didn’t think we were going to make it. And by “we” I mean me.

+We fostered a lovely dog named Yankee. I made a video showing all of the wonderful traits he has, hoping a family would adopt him. Good news! IT WORKED! There are several families interested in taking him home. We took him back to the Humane Society yesterday so his possible future parents could meet him and socialize. I miss him… a lot… and I don’t want to answer any questions on why we aren’t keeping him. We brought him home to foster not adopt 🙂


+I got my second Stitch Fix and sent everything back. I just wasn’t feeling it and my style profile could be to blame. I hadn’t updated it since my first box and lately I just haven’t been feeling anything in my closet. I guess we could call this a mid-20’s life crisis. Is that a thing? It is now. I just need a new wardrobe…. ya know…. for my very OWN business!

+Say what?! YES. I’ll admit, I’ve been struggling the last several months wondering what I’m going to do in life. Duh, I’ll be a mother and a wife, but my mind needs something else or I’ll lose it. I applied here and there and heard back but I just had zero desire to work at the places I was applying. I needed something that I enjoyed doing, something I could do at home while my girl went to MDO or was sleeping, and most importantly something that I love!

If you know me, you know I capture every moment of my daughters life. I’ve used our small video recorder every day since the moment she took her first breath. I did this because I love the memories. I live for them. And I can’t wait to play them over and over the day she steps foot outside my house heading to college. For her one year birthday, I posted a video about her life on my personal Facebook page and the response was H U G E. People I haven’t talked to in years sent me messages saying THANK YOU because they realized how much they weren’t recording. Some were curious if I could stop by and make a video of their family. Some wanted help just editing their video. Some needed me to record a certain memory.

This video capturing girl knew instantly that this was her calling. I bought the big girl camera, the nice editing software (that I’m still becoming comfortable with), and my most recent purchase – A TRIPOD.

You guys. It’s here.

maxine films copy

I have all the stuff…. now I just need YOU to invite me over to your party, ceremony, or wherever your kids love the most so I can make the memory last forever.

Check out my website here, and like my Facebook page! This journey of mine is just beginning and I can’t wait to start shooting, editing, and capturing your story! Blogging will obviously become more of a priority. This space is hard for me to come to when I have so much on my mind, but now that my “secret” is out, I can write whatever I want without sounding like a fool.

Anyway, let me know what you think!