I Keep My Baby Dry At Night

That was supposed to come across as wearing your sunglasses at night but it failed miserably so we’ll move on from it and hopefully we’ll forget about it by the end.


One of the top conversations among my mommy friends are diapers. Why? I don’t know because we’re obviously really exciting people that’s why. No because diapers are important. They cost a lot of precious money and they better do their job. Every diaper is different because every child is different so it’s always interesting to hear what diaper is in and what diaper is out and what diaper is up and coming. We’ll call it baby fashion, I guess.

I’ve told you why I love luvs before, but I haven’t told you about my love for Huggies Overnites. Luvs are great for daytime and they do claim to have 12-hour support buuuuut I wouldn’t say they last after 4 hours. Maybe my child drinks a lot of water, milk, and apple juice… I don’t know… but Luvs can’t hang at night. Pampers can’t either. And Honest are double the price and can’t seem to hold more than 3 pees for anything. WHAT’S THE DEAL?! What do you do?! If you’re me, you turn to Huggies Overnites and all of your problems are solved.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.16.36 PM

Ok, I’ll be real, we’ve never had a problem. I’ve always put her in overnight diapers. Started with Pampers and they couldn’t keep her dry to save anyones life. When she was about 4 months I made the switch to Overnites and never looked back.

It wasn’t until recently she started waking up around 4:00 crying and wet. My parenting doesn’t do well with waking up at night. I can’t function on limited sleep. I did it the first 2-3 months of her life and vowed to never go through that again… EVER. So when she started this trend about a month ago I had to find an answer. One of my mommy girlfriends told me about diaper extenders.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.02.24 PM

They help keep your baby dry at night (or whenever) by adding a little extra padding in the diaper. I was so desperate I ran to Babies R Us to see what they were about. I picked up a package of 30 and prayed for a good nights sleep. They may look like maxi-pads inside your baby’s diaper but oh my… THEY ARE LIFESAVERS. For the first time in what felt like weeks (it was really 2 days) she was finally sleeping without being woken up by wetness. YES. MOM WIN FOR ALL. It was such a refreshing feeling.

“Maxine, overnight diapers PLUS diaper pads… isn’t that a little much?” — yes. It is. Which is why I don’t use the pads every night. I use them only when I know she’s had 900 gallons of liquid before bed and she’ll need some extra protection before hitting the crib. And since we’ve started using them, we’ve had ZERO wake ups. ZERO. #win So I’d thought I’d share the good advice.

How do you keep your baby dry at night?