Today we had one of our first meltdowns. Note: we’ve had many, this one was a little more dramatic than the usual. 

Like real life tears running down our cheeks followed by a glob of snot at the tips of our noses. Full force scream, waving arms around, and giving me “the look” that says, “fine don’t give me what I want, watch this awesome meltdown I’m going to put on for you.”

Ok go for it girlfriend. It’s in our house, no one can hear you screaming, and I hope you know that I’m going to remember this moment to share with everyone when you’re older (or just blog about it for everyone to read). So continue with your red face scream with tears, snot, and boogers because you’re being a little extreme right now and I’m going to ignore you.

You see, we have this little obsession with my good friend, the dishwasher. We wait for it to open so we can jump inside, get the dishes out, and crawl all over the door. It’s really cute and wonderful and all but one day that door is going to snap or dishes are going to break and it’s not going to be pretty or cute or wonderful. So please, let me do my dishes in peace (ha!) and go play with your toys or something. Ya, have fun telling that to an 11 month old. 

So I did what any annoyed mother would do and I moved her away from the dishwasher so I could load it. She had the meltdown and I continued to load the dirty dishes where they needed to go one coffee mug at a time. The background screams and yelling really made the task that much better. The tears eventually stopped flowing and the brutal cry stopped. She crawls over to my leg, pushes herself up, stands, walks between me and the dishwasher and starts taking the knifes out of the utensil holder.

“Yeah ok, don’t touch that. Here have this dirty fork. Will you put it where mommy needs it to go?”

She takes the fork and puts it right where it needs to go. And continues to do it until I have no more dishes left.

Todays lesson: Before she has the unnecessary meltdown, try and include her before things get out of hand. She may enjoy it and learn a thing or two. 


and then afterwards you can sit at the desktop and take fun pictures!