Growing up in the 90’s it’s a question we asked ourselves every time we fed our tamagotchi pets or wrote with our gel pens. It was a must-have summer camp proof accessory that looked great with any color biker short or Hanson brother t-shirt. And if you were one of the cool kids, you wore not one.. but three. Because asking Jesus what he would do once just wasn’t enough for us. “Would Jesus put his furby in the closet?” Probably. “Would Jesus rip the tags off of his beanie babies?” NO WAY. “Would Jesus skip school to go to a Britney Spears concert?” Absolutely.

My first and only WWJD bracelet was purchased in elementary school. I couldn’t make up my mind on a color so I went ahead and chose the rainbow style. I had no idea what rainbow meant at the time and I’m sure the sales clerk at the Christian Book Store was wondering if I knew. I didn’t, I just liked it because it went with all of my boy band t-shirts and rainbow light-up shoes. I obviously thought I looked good and if someone would have told me that the rainbow actually represented gay pride then I’m sure I would have laughed. Because gay people have always just been…. people to me.

Not once have I ever looked at someone differently because they were gay and not once has a gay person treated me differently because I’m straight. I’ve never understood people who are against same-sex marriage because no one is telling them who to love, WHY do they think they can tell someone else who they can love? It doesn’t make any sense. And it’s people like that who need my WWJD rainbow bracelet.


What Would Jesus Do?

He would wear rainbow and support love.

wwwjdPeople who happen to be gay… are just people. They are people who love other people. Isn’t that crazy? And to think they now have the same rights as I do. They can now get married, have kids, and make dinner every night knowing that their relationship is vowed under God. WEIRD, RIGHT?! How was that not allowed all along? I’ll never know. But what I do know is that the rainbow will always be my favorite and I will always support people who want to love.

WWJD. Think about it.