FriYAY! Wait, I’m a mom.


Oh Friday. You are no longer as exciting as you used to be. You are just like any other day that ends with Y and that’s just the life I’ve accepted now. And then in a couple years you’ll be driving, spending money, and going to college and I’ll miss these non-friyays so let’s cheers! and have some fun on this small space of mine. We’ll celebrate by sharing my top five favorites at the moment:


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.19.48 AMThe Lollacup (as seen on Shark Tank) has been a lifesaver around here. M, being the miss princess she is, won’t drink from any other cup. She’s never really loved the bottle so it wasn’t hard to let go of that and go straight to a straw. Unlike other cups with straws we’ve tried, this one is easy to drink from and doesn’t leak unless you turn it upside down (because hello, it’s a straw) but I’d rather have a cup that’s easy to drink from than worry about whether it’s leaking or not.



HGTV’s Fixer Upper. This show is my jam and not because it’s shot in my favorite state, Texas. Her style is very shabby chic meets Restoration Hardware and I want her to come to my house and redecorate and drink wine and become best friends. It’s not a lot to ask, is it Joanna? They are the cutest couple and I find myself comparing them to my relationship with C. If you’re not familiar with the show… they are the whole package. Real estate, construction, decorating… they do it all within a reasonable budget. It’s slowly replacing my other favorite show… Teen Mom. go away farrah. 


Britney-Spears-Iggy-Azalea-Pretty-Girls-2015-1400x1400Anything Britney releases instantly becomes my favorite song. So obviously this latest single is on repeat and the music video is the best thing I’ve seen from her in awhile.


nolampgelpolishLADIES. I’ve posted about this before on instagram but it’s still one of my favorites. This Sally Hansen NO LIGHT needed gel polish is the and it actually stays on. Not for 14 days like it says, but let’s be real, salon polish doesn’t stay on that long either. I love this and I’ve been recommending it to all my girlfriends. GO getcha some!



We found this at a flea market and basically paid pennies for it. It’s Leap Frog’s Musical Table. It keeps M busy doing what she loves to do. Stand. She can pull herself up and start making wonderful music and then every tune is stuck in my head the rest of the day. That part can get annoying but other than that I would recommend this thing to any parent of a little one. Especially to the babies who are about to walk.


like this one. Wahhhhh.

and there you have it! Happy FRIYAY everyone! See you Monday for a marriage question on Ask Max. It’s a good one.