Ask Max


When you lose a lot of sleep, your brain manages to make up these crazy ideas that you think are insane. Over time, you lose more sleep, and you start to think that these ideas could possibly be cool. Then you just stop sleeping all together and you eventually lose your mind and think it’s the worst idea that anyone could ever think of, who would ever think that? no one. so stop thinking it. And then, you get a new coffee maker and life gets better and then you say, “ok let’s do it.”

So here I am. Doing it. Well, writing it I should say.

It’s an “internet column” of sorts, a “dear abby” if you will… minus the columnist job or being an Abby. I really have no right in doing this sort of thing considering I’m a 26 year old no one just staying at home with my one kid drinking wine after bedtime. Really. That’s my life. But I do like to think I can give good advice from time to time. So obviously I needed to start “Ask Max”.

Here’s how it works, you ask a question about anything and everything and I will write my answer here on this blog. Examples,

“Max, I really want a Target Red Card. How do I convince my husband that I need one?”

“Max, I’m having trouble, my lipstick is horrible. How do I fix it?”

“Max, my boyfriend hates my parents. What do I do?”

“Max, is this dress blue and black or white and gold?”

You get the point. Ask ANYTHING below. You can be anonymous or you can be free and not hold anything back. You can be short and sweet or you can write an essay. I have a lot of time come 7 o’clock, so ask away! And if no one participates then that would be sad and I’ll drink another glass of wine and think that this idea was a terrible idea. And that I should probably just get more sleep.


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