Scrambled Saturdays

What does that even mean? I’m not sure yet but I’m going to roll with it. I could make it into a scrambled mess of what I did this week, or I could write about my favorite things, or I could show you different ways to make scrambled eggs, or I could talk about my favorite foods, baby moments… the options are endless! For now I’ll just stick with a mess of things that I fell in love with this week. Maybe one day it will be something more interesting, but that’s not today.



John Frieda Root Booster. Y’all this stuff is no joke. I found it at the end of an isle at Target with a big, fat, red sticker on it for 50% off. You know those Target stickers I’m talking about. They’re like God’s way of telling you that you NEED it and you can’t leave the store without it. So I put it in my cart, obviously. When I used it, my hair was full of volume. I’m not kidding. Like Texas volume. I had to tone it down. And I am the QUEEN of the hair poof, or at least I used to be.



If I were a smart blogger I would’ve taken a selfie with my new, hairspray-free full of volume hair, but I’m not 100% on my blogging game yet and I only have words to show you how awesome my hair looked. You believe me right? I did take one picture of myself this week at the dentist…




and if you’re wondering why on earth I brought a 6 month old to the dentist, it’s because they called me Friday morning asking if I could move my appointment to that afternoon instead of the end of March. Don’t ask. Anyway, she did fine and only screamed if anyone looked at her. We’re going through that “stranger danger” stage and I’m over it. At the dentist I learned that I need 2 new crowns to replace some old ones and that I possibly have gum disease. Yeah, ok, just get me out of here and we can talk diseases later. BYE. I have another scheduled appointment for the end of April… in case you’re wanting to write that down somewhere. (in all seriousness, if I do have it, I’ll be ok)




ok call me gross, but this baby food tastes so good! No I don’t eat a lot of it, but I have to taste it to make sure it’s the right temperature (I put it in a bowl if we’re at home and heat it up) — but you guys! The banana blueberry is like a Smoothie King smoothie and it’s so good! Maddie ate most of her pouch for dinner tonight and it usually takes her 2 days to finish one. So I’ll be buying more of these flavors later this week/my next trip to Target


image 2

everything about this picture. My two babies. SNOW. Ice cream jammies. We were stuck inside for a couple days and I almost lost my mind and so did Maddie. Emily was having a blast with the ice and the birds in our backyard. WHY are there birds in the backyard? Aren’t they supposed to fly somewhere else for the winter?! They’re pooping all over our patio and I’m over it. Also, why don’t they make ice cream jammies for adults? Someone needs to get on that!


For the record — she eats a lot. I mean, she eats A LOT. So despite the fact that she’s eating like she hasn’t eaten in days… it was maybe an hour since her last snack.




I really never thought I would go this granola and make my own cleaning products. But once I saw my daughter suck on the coffee table that I clean with Windex every other day I knew I had to do something. So I did what anyone would do and got on Pinterest to see what I could use instead of a bunch of chemicals. Turns out, vinegar, water, and lemons makes the BEST glass cleaner. An all-purpose cleaner really. I cleaned my kitchen and my bathroom with this stuff and now my house smells like a bunch of salt and vinegar chips. Which are gross by the way. Pinterest tells me the smell WILL go away — so I’ll keep you updated on that.

AND last but not least, these freaking things…



insert: this is why you have terrible teeth Maxine

SHOUT OUT TO MY TROOP 2446!!! (I think?) We were cookie selling machines back in the 90’s. I really hope my husband isn’t reading this, but I’ve eaten an entire box already and I’m now on my Tagalongs. I really think they have drugs in them because I can’t just have one. And when you put them in the freezer….. dead. so yummy! I even bought Samoa flavored coffee creamer. COFFEE CREAMER. I’m sick I know but it’s so delicious.

Speaking of coffee, I need to get on that this morning… Have a wonderful weekend 🙂 See ya Monday!